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Fuck the world – Really!

At first this was one big post, which later got split into two, the second of which became the first of ftw.
I actually didn’t want to publish the article in this state, but since it seems like I wouldn’t publish it at this rate … here it is.
It has still quite a few notes and is the most unpolished piece of shit as of yet, but hey. No one will read this anyway.

So I started to write a blog.Actually I did so quite a few times,
I tried to write about the projects I do in my spare time and I wanted to keep it informative and professional.
I wanted to keep it technical, but most times when I wasn’t writing about interesting stuff I began to ramble, which led to me not publishing what I wrote.
I mostly write when I’m agitated about stuff, when I’m angry or simply invested. So the second article in my brainfuck blag started out to be a ramble why the www sucks, what it’s weaknesses are and how the hell so many big projects can make so many mistakes. The last one was a blag entry where I wanted to make blow off some steam about a game I played and I wanted it to be good, but hell it wasn’t. Such a waste of time.
At this point in time I read the ables, which opened up my eyes! I decided to split this blog into a technical part and one only for rants. You can find the first one right here