Monthly Archives: April 2015

I hope this doesn’t become a livejournal

So originally this site should only be a braindump for me: Ideas, projects, hotfixes, hacks and so on, things I used once and didn’t want to forget. I wanted to write them down and maybe share them.

Now I’m working on a search engine because everything needs indexing
and I find myself lying awake in bed at night thinking of ways to program it and in the end think about what’s wrong with the web and the world.

And I find myself wanting to write about it…
So I hope this doesn’t become something stupid. I want to write about games,code and life. I hope nobody reads it, but in reality I hope somebody does (and maybe likes it)

This site needs much work:
favicon,project index, layout,design,optimization
Those are only a few things that come to mind.

Anyway I think I will start with what I think is wrong with the web (and I don’t mean the people on it)