Epson Printer adventures – Part 2

So I’m a little tired, but here is my first progress.

[~] python library (it really is just the smallest proof of concept without logic)
[~] wireshark filter dissector (it has basic logic, is not clean, but kind of works)
[ ] linux open-source firmware update

So I have yet to understand how the firmware upgrade progress works over network. I will later on probably take a look at the usb protocol as well, but for now it’s probably easier to understand the inner workings of the snmp/enpc firmware upgrader. Since a firmware update is not possible right now (probably because of the error message) I can’t be sure if it works and how it works.
Since I got time and the internet this will probably solve itself over … time.

Oh and my work in progress shit is under

Epson Printer adventures

Oh f this. I now have a dozen articles unpublished as drafts, because I don’t feel comfortable posting them. And hell most of them lost all their relevance (like the analysis of the Windows 10 preview hrrr).
But this here seems full of fun little tidbits that just beg to be written down somewhere so here my situation.
Epson inkjet printer suddenly doesn’t want to print anymore because of not recognized cyan cartridge, cartridge is recognized (found that out through testing), but it just wont work (even with a new one). So what does every normal user do? Of course analyze the firmware!
I will add more infos later, but here is the jist of it. It uses an embedded linux (uclibc) with busybox (of course without notice, sources or really anything). Downgrade is not possible (without modified firmware or firmware installer), firmware installer is windows only, telnet and ftp are there but not active.
So wireshark -> network firmware update (could do it over usb as well, maybe later necessary)
SNMP and custom udp proctocol and yay google brings up some stuff.
So my small todo list
[ ] python library
[ ] wireshark filter
[ ] linux firmware updater

Oh and I will just post my drafts on this one, because why not

Fuck the world – Really!

At first this was one big post, which later got split into two, the second of which became the first of ftw.
I actually didn’t want to publish the article in this state, but since it seems like I wouldn’t publish it at this rate … here it is.
It has still quite a few notes and is the most unpolished piece of shit as of yet, but hey. No one will read this anyway.

So I started to write a blog.Actually I did so quite a few times,
I tried to write about the projects I do in my spare time and I wanted to keep it informative and professional.
I wanted to keep it technical, but most times when I wasn’t writing about interesting stuff I began to ramble, which led to me not publishing what I wrote.
I mostly write when I’m agitated about stuff, when I’m angry or simply invested. So the second article in my brainfuck blag started out to be a ramble why the www sucks, what it’s weaknesses are and how the hell so many big projects can make so many mistakes. The last one was a blag entry where I wanted to make blow off some steam about a game I played and I wanted it to be good, but hell it wasn’t. Such a waste of time.
At this point in time I read the ables, which opened up my eyes! I decided to split this blog into a technical part and one only for rants. You can find the first one right here

I hope this doesn’t become a livejournal

So originally this site should only be a braindump for me: Ideas, projects, hotfixes, hacks and so on, things I used once and didn’t want to forget. I wanted to write them down and maybe share them.

Now I’m working on a search engine because everything needs indexing
and I find myself lying awake in bed at night thinking of ways to program it and in the end think about what’s wrong with the web and the world.

And I find myself wanting to write about it…
So I hope this doesn’t become something stupid. I want to write about games,code and life. I hope nobody reads it, but in reality I hope somebody does (and maybe likes it)

This site needs much work:
favicon,project index, layout,design,optimization
Those are only a few things that come to mind.

Anyway I think I will start with what I think is wrong with the web (and I don’t mean the people on it)